What is Talent Attraction?

Recruitment is changing and finding the top performance superstars is becoming more and more difficult. In todays atmosphere everything is about experience... 

Talent Attraction is what you are doing before you meet the candidate, its the competative advantage that allows the industry leading companies to have a sustainable candidate inflow.

Talent Attraction includes your Employer Branding and the experience you give your employees. 

Talent Attraction is the way you are interacting with the passive and active talent in the market; how you are using trends, data and value propersition to target the right audience.

Talent Attraction is how you move away from costly recruitment fees and control your staffing needs once again. 

27 Teams built
1326 Live Roles with our Partners
120075 Pounds Saved in Agency Fees

Jobs with our Partners

Up to £50,000 Basic
£70,000 - £100,000

‘Key Focus’s client-centric approach meant that I knew my new team members were aligned to my companies goals and values. Thanks to Matt and his team we have now added three exceptional salespeople to our team.’
Sandler Training
‘Matt and the team found me some great salespeople so far who really fit in well with our team and have already proved themselves as assets.’
Sales Director, Global Technology Business
Someone of Matt's calibre and professionalism is hard to come by these days.
I was lucky enough to have Matt help me get a foot hold in recruitment and find someone that really suited me and my style. He was generous with his time and never failed to give good prep and prompt feedback!

Matt's ability to look at things from all angles r...
HR Team, Global Marketing Business