Suitable for

  • All businesses
  • Sales roles – unique value added, consultative, commodity, account manager
  • Customer service roles

Unfortunately, 63% of companies still hire salespeople without working out the composition of their skills, competencies and behaviours. 79% of hiring managers cite they would go on ‘gut feel’ as they have hired many people before. Psychometric testing is a non-emotional tool that aids in the decision-making process. Mistakenly, psychometric testing has become synonymous with only hiring, however our psychometric testing helps clients understand

  1. Who should be hired?
  2. Who should be benchmarked for managerial roles?
  3. How to create development plans?
  4. Who should be fired?
  5. Who should be made redundant?

If your Key Focus is becoming more precise in your understanding of staff to ensure hiring, succession planning or redundancy planning, then we can help.

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