Strategy for Success

Suitable for

  • Small businesses
  • Businesses at any stage of growth
  • Businesses hiring sales for the first time
  • Businesses hiring a sales person
  • Businesses looking to reduce spend on recruitment
  • Businesses looking to hire internal recruitment

Businesses tend to spend most of their time working on the deliverables. Its important to take time to work ‘on’ the business to really sharpen the edges. If your Key Focus is to ensure that you have the correct sales recruitment/ sales strategy to succeed in your space then we can help.

We advise on

  • Sales model planning
  • Planning to hire salespeople effectively
  • Defining recruitment strategy
  • How to hire/ train and maintain a world class internal recruiter
  • How to reduce your recruitment spend
  • How to spot a good graduate for sales
  • Hiring for a successful sales culture
  • How to run successful assessment days
  • Creating a system to consistently hire great salespeople
  • Marketing your business effectively to recruiters and incoming staff
  • Leadership, people and culture
  • Sales process management
  • Grants and government incentives
  • Sales staff related change management
  • And much much more

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What our founder's initial advise about Planning to Hire Sales People Effectively?