Growth Platform for Sales Acceleration

Suitable for:

  • Funded businesses with cash injection (VC/ Angel/ Investor)
  • Businesses hitting hyper growth stage
  • Large businesses launching new divisions/ teams
  • Businesses looking to grow

If your Key Focus is to ensure the growth of your business is successful, you need to make sure that you have a solid foundation with your hiring strategy, talent sourcing, onboarding planned and learning and development in place.

Key Focus’ Growth Platform option will allow for all of this to be covered. We have successful propelled businesses into their next stage of growth with our innovative thinking, comprehensive strategy guides, staffing capabilities and our designated sales trainers who can move people from good to great and much more.

Main Component List

  • Current sales team appraisal
    • Full sales DNA analysis
    • Spotting disparity
  • Planning for hiring sales people
    • Ideology
    • Expectation
    • Growth in the business
  • Marketing your business correctly
    • Understanding perception
    • The do’s and don’ts’
    • Content creation
  • Sourcing
    • Advertising
    • Recruitment
  • Interview Consultation
    • Assessment days
    • Non emotional interview help
    • Psychometrics
  • Onboarding Planning
    • Expectation Management
    • Goal Setting
  • Learning and development
    • Fundamental training
    • Reinforcement training
    • Online training
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