Skill Gap Analysis with Key Focus

Suitable for 

  • All business types
  • Large businesses 
  • Businesses with inconsistent performers

Our clients tell us that the biggest frustration that they have is that their salespeople fluctuate in performance. Sometimes they are hitting targets with ease and then sometimes they do not. Typically, this is a management issue, NOT issues with the sales performer.

If your Key Focus is to reduce these disparities, we can help. Key Focus Consulting combines cutting edge psychometric technology with a human assessment on the salesperson to work out their strengths and weaknesses and ultimately their skill gap. A suggested programme is given to ensure that they have a development plan.

We consult with the management division to ensure that everyone understands their role in developing the salesperson and create a comprehensive feedback sheet that is useful for the salesperson self-development.

Typically, the evaluation material is also suggested to be used for strengthening your hiring planning, interview style and onboarding procedure to ensure continued and future success.

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