What is Talent Attraction?

Employer Branding
Do you know what your digital footprint says about you?! To attract the best talent you have got to get this right. 

Since the digital atmosphere is now a part of everyones research channel it is imperative that the story that you tell is the right one. We have partnered with industry leaders to create a comprehensive package that allows you to feel comfortable with your image. 

We have onboarded the best in class when it comes to social media, digital marketing and creative marketing to allow for your employer brand to be seen as the most desirable.

Employer Value Proposition 
Have you ever considered how candidates think and feel when they are looking for new jobs? Most companies dont realise what value they add to that potential employees career. Key Focus not only allows for you to idenify what EVP you should have in place, but also allows for you to shout loud and proud about it.

Together you have Talent Attraction. Key Focus is then able to help you convert these channels into inbound talent applications, which allows for you to create a sustainable pipeline for succession planning and future proofing.

Suitable for
  • Small business who want to attract the best talent 
  • Businesses wanting to add strategic advantage with talent attraction
  • Businesses wanting to change the external perception 
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